Total AV Reviews from Specialists

About the company that created Total AV

The young company Protected.Net Ltd was founded in 2016 and sells software for PC security and mobile platforms. The service provider has a team of experts and is headquartered in the UK in Hampshire. TotalAV software runs on multiple devices, protects your PC from all threats, and has advanced security features.

What is Total AV?

TotalAV is an antivirus that protects users from all emerging cyber threats. For this, the company provides a number of useful functions:

Additional Internet protection protects your computer from phishing attacks and protects users from identity theft.

All downloaded files from the Internet are automatically scanned by Total AV for the presence of pests and immediately isolated and removed in case of infection.

The software ensures a safe stay on the Internet by searching and blocking dangerous and harmful web addresses and signatures.

In addition, if you have problems or questions about Total AV, users can contact customer support by email or live chat at any time. Thanks to a 30-day money back guarantee, buyers can thoroughly test the software and immediately get their money back if they don’t like it.

Real-Time protection

Total AV is equipped with modern anti-virus protection in real time and automatically starts with the operating system after installation. Thus, the software is constantly active in the background and constantly monitors the computer. The user does not have to worry about anything and can do his usual computer affairs. If the antivirus detects a threat, the action will be taken immediately. Viruses and other pests are quarantined and safely removed.

The software regularly receives automatic updates, which allows you to be aware of the latest threats. Thanks to integrated control, users do not need to worry about cyber threats. Total AV scans everything:

  • discs
  • devices connected to the computer
  • any uploaded files.

If pests are detected, they are immediately blocked, isolated and removed from the computer. In the future, TotalAV software will be enhanced with many other features, such as improved firewall protection.

Safe surfing on the Internet!

TotalAV customers enjoy extensive online protection. The software automatically checks for suspicious websites and attractive signatures and blocks any dangerous content page. Using a web browser cleaner, antivirus software not only makes the browser safer but also faster. With just a few clicks, TotalAV users delete all unnecessary files and their old browser history.

The built-in Web Shield prevents pop-ups and other annoying ads, works reliably against spam and, thus, increases the pleasure of surfing. Total AV protects its users from adware, malware and phishing websites. As a result, confidential user data cannot fall into the wrong hands and be used illegally. User privacy and confidential financial data are securely protected. Thanks to TotalAV, buyers can safely shop online and make transfers.


TotalAV has been on the market for only a few years and is not well known. For this, the software will gradually expand with additional useful features. Anti-virus software is available in 3 different versions and works on Windows and Macintosh platforms, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices. New customers benefit from low prices. Buyers will return their money for up to 30 days if they do not like it. TotalAV has a modern user interface, reliable protection against viruses and the Internet and optimizes PC performance. The software requires few resources and provides effective protection against all cyber threats.