The data room platforms for optimizing your organization’s process

While most, if not all, VDR providers share the same features, there are very important features that differentiate one online VDR from another. For your convenience, we have created a comparison of VDRs so that you can choose the best one that suits your needs. When looking for an online VDR provider, it’s important to consider your business goals and how easy it is for you to achieve those goals with a particular online VDR. The most common use of an online VDR is the execution of audits, due diligence and the handling of mergers and acquisitions.

There are VDR providers that specialize in each business segment and therefore offer all the necessary tools to meet these business needs. However, in this VDR review, you will come across some VDRs that offer a wide range of services that can be adapted to almost any business area. Be sure to compare the range of services that VDR software offers, as you may find that some minor features are absolutely necessary, but only a select few vendors offer such a feature.


VDR Imprima is best suited for medium to large companies in the M&A, real estate and energy sectors. The Imprima VDR can also serve as corporate storage. The security measures for Imprima comply with ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.


Firmex is undoubtedly one of the most used VDR providers! This VDR offers different software packages for each company and optimizes complex and online business processes.


Drooms is Europe’s leading VDR provider, bringing together professionals and information in the world’s real capital markets. Droom’s VDR best meets the needs of today’s business with day-and-night customer support available in 5 languages.


The provider of VDRs, Brainloop, offers various products such as conference rooms and internet rooms. As with all other VDR providers, security is paramount. Brainloop can be used in M&A transactions, biotechnology and financial services solutions.


iDeals has become the preferred VDR provider for leading financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, real estate companies and global legal firms. The platform provides the security and collaboration tools essential for any global business in any industry.


OneHub features are rather common. Businesses may quickly upload and exchange files thanks to this VDR. Users can quickly locate necessary documents thanks to full-text search, and version controls guarantee that everyone has access to the most recent physical copy version. OneHub provides role-based permissions and gives administrators the ability to immediately cancel access to guarantee that the owner of a workspace has total control over user activities.

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