McAfee Total Protection for Mac Users

There was a time when McAfee was the most popular antivirus solution. It still comes as a default option on some laptops. People also get it when downloading Adobe products and some other programs. Yet, the company has stepped down from being a leader in this industry. It still delivers great quality services and gets to the top rankings. So, if you are looking for a new antivirus program, this McAfee review is likely to be helpful.

The main facts about the software

First of all, McAfee has been around for over 20 years. It delivers excellent services to millions of users worldwide. The program has low minimum requirements making it suitable for any modern device.

Regardless of whether you are a Mac or a Windows user, there are two main options to choose from. One can get a free edition or pick a suitable premium plan. Depending on the cost, a user gets a certain set of tools to protect the device from malware, viruses, and other online threats. Obviously, when choosing the free version, there will be only basic protection.

The advantages of McAfee for Mac users

Installing this antivirus has several pros and cons. Let’s start by reviewing the main strong sides:

  1. Mac users get a set of extra features and tools depending on the needs. A user can pick the preferred bundle, pay accordingly, and enjoy high-level protection.
  2. Independent testing labs show McAfee scored 100% detecting phishing sites and blocking access to them.
  3. McAfee is known for its virus removal guarantee. It’s a great advantage far from all providers can boast of. According to this service, the tech support will remove the virus for you in case you fail to do it. Very convenient, especially for inexperienced users.
  4. A live chat and email support can quickly resolve any issue regarding the performance of the software, billing issues, etc.
  5. A premium plan covers as many devices as the license owner wants. It means a user can protect all household devices with one account. This is a convenient offer for families with kids when the house is full of iPads, laptops, etc. What’s more, the price seems cheaper when one splits it by the number of devices covered.

The drawbacks of the program

McAfee still has some room for improvement. There are a few issues, Mac users should know before installing the software.

Firstly, it’s the interface. The antivirus is not entirely user-friendly and has somewhat confusing navigation. Beginners can even find it complicated at times.

Secondly, McAfee is not the most affordable solution on the market. A premium plan that covers multiple devices will cost you more than some alternative programs charge.

Finally, aside from excellent phishing sites detection, the software fails to stop some other kinds of malware. The developers should pay extra attention to this disadvantage as it’s the most important one.

Extra features that come with McAfee

The bundle brings some quality innovations. One of them is a brand-new ransomware guard. The feature scores high detecting and blocking zero-day threats. It operates by observing the activities and blocking them as soon as the first symptoms of the malicious activities appear.

McAfee also has a personal firewall. It’s very convenient and makes most of the decisions internally without bothering users with constant notifications.

Regular updates make it a good choice for antivirus protection. They bring a bigger database of the known threats to keep your device safe from malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, hackers, and cybercriminals.