Free VPN for Torrenting: Can It Be Good?

VPN service This is a mandatory component for torrenting. We will not talk about the bad aspects of torrenting and leave the principles of the pirate code to the conscience of those who do it and talk about simple and reliable VPNs that ensure you a good job with torrents. So, with these services you can:

  • download torrents
  • protect your data
  • find the files you need

And all this from anywhere in the world. VPN allows you to download torrent files in almost the same way as with a stationary provider, only without brakes and restrictions. A good VPN, even if it is free, should have such qualities as reliability, ease of use, security, and in our case, compatibility with torrent files. So, meet the top 5 best free torrents.

Free torrent without obstacles

To compile this stamp, we needed to study well the subject, get acquainted with user reviews and reviews of publications. And what is the result we got.


Let’s start with the most modest option for working with torrents using VPN. This service is available for free use, but it is very limited:

  • of the possible servers for the connection is available only one, the one that is in Miami
  • because of this, there is very low connection speed, only 300 MB per second

On the portals, you can see a lot of negative reviews

However, this is quite a good option if you are not pretentious, and want to download small torrent files.

Security Kiss

Another light version for VPN, which downloads torrent files. This is an Irish product that exhibits excellent qualities in the paid version, and no less worthy in the free version:

  • protocol support OpenVPN
  • 300 MB data per day
  • 4 servers to connect

However, it is worth noting that this service is not suitable for downloading heavy torrent files if you are using the free version. Much better if you buy a subscription or pay attention to another option if you need torrent files heavier.


Actually, a great option for uploading large and large files. Especially for this, a free subscription gives you 10 GB each month and 11 servers and unlimited connectivity. Of course, the ideal does not exist, so this service is also different slow speed. But there are high-speed options.

Looking for a decent option for downloading torrent files at high speed? Pay attention to, a program that is available for any device and offers a fairly high connection speed and performance. Of course, consider that the free version is not so generous, and can only offer:

  • one account is only available for 1 device
  • no protocol support OpenVPN
  • 3 servers available for connection
  • only 2 GB of data per month

This is a great option for downloading torrent files of different sizes. At the same time, the service supports various other protocols and protects data well.


If you want a really good VPN for torrenting, which also gives:

  • Over 5,200 servers in 60 countries
  • Easy to install and use

Then take advantage of the trial period of NordVPN. Despite the fact that this service does not have a free version, the trial period allows you to demand a refund, in case something is wrong.