ESET for Android Review of 2020

Common vulnerabilities found in mobile operating systems are often associated with the Android platform. The reason for this was the broad distribution, unlimited access of manufacturers to the system, open-source approach, and no restrictions. Even ordinary users have clearly understood the need to protect the system. To install antivirus is always a great idea since the situation is even worse with mobile devices than with PCs. Today in this review, we would like to discuss our experience in operating the ESET NOD32 Mobile Security antivirus package.

Our general impression from the ESET application

The application was developed by ESET, which is a high-quality antivirus company. We tested the antivirus on several smartphones and NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Ad expected there are two options for a package: free and paid. Both options have a clear and straightforward interface, which means that you can get used to it quickly. At the same time, a large number of functions are hidden. At first, it will propose you to configure the operation. After the Eset antivirus for Android will turn on the detection of suspicious files and will scan the internal and external memory.

Major peculiarities to take into account before buying the ESET NOD32 Mobile Security Antivirus for Android

Like the desktop PC, there are several scanning options: deep, smart, and fast. Depending on the method, the time taken will vary. These methods can be combined, periodic quick checks and once a month. We recommend you to enable the scan even if there is the slightest suspicion of the virus. The main window of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is divided into six tiles: Anti-Virus, Anti-Theft, Call & SMS Filtering, Anti-Phishing, Security Scan and Settings.

The Anti-Theft function will assist you in case you lose your phone. The owner can start remote cleaning of personal data, trace the contacts of the new owner, and see the location of his smartphone. Moreover, you can activate your camera and see the one who stole the phone. All this data will help police officers to find your phone. The Wrong Security Code Alert option will provide information on login attempts, which were done without your knowledge. Filtering is a tool for blocking unwanted SMS and calls. Anti-phishing comes in handy for checking the reliability of sites and getting warnings about fake sites, which operate to steal passwords.

Security features and algorithms of the ESET antivirus you must know

Security auditing includes auditing of applications.  For each application, you can change the policy by denying access to contacts, the Internet, and location data. By the way, this functionality immensely helps to moderate the appetite of social network clients and increase the battery life of the smartphone, at the same time protecting yourself from unnecessary personal data leakage.

Our Final Verdict about the ESET NOD32 Mobile Security Antivirus for Android

All in all, the ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is one of the essential applications recommended for installation on smartphones and tablets. The options offered are enough to ensure the safe and comfortable use of gadgets. The algorithms of the antivirus application are easy to learn, the interface is intuitive, and it has a much more positive impact on your battery life.